Aggregate Conformance

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Aggregate Conformance Testing

We provide onsite sampling plus a large variety of aggregate physical properties testing such as strength, density, soundness, absorption & shape for specification conformance to Australian & RMS TfNSW test proceedures.

Sieve Analysis
Average Least Dimension
Clay & Fine Silt Content
Flakiness Index
Fractured Faces
Friable Particles
Los Angeles Abrasion Value
Material Finer than 75µm
Maximum Dry Compressive Strength
Organic Impurities Other than Sugar
Particle Shape (proportional caliper)
Particle Density and Water Absorption
Sodium Sulfate Soundness
Weak Particles
Organic Impurities Other than Sugar
Unit Mass (loose + compacted)
Bulk Density
Wet / Dry Strength Variation
Aggregate Crushing Value
Slake Durability

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