Asbestos Clearance Inspections

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An Asbestos Clearance Inspection is required after the removal of friable asbestos. These inspections are provided by an independent licensed asbestos assessor after the removal process has been completed to verify that all visual asbestos-containing materials have been removed to a satisfactory standard. Following the inspection, a clearance certificate will be issued verifying that the asbestos work area is now safe to reoccupy.

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For Bonded (Non-Friable) asbestos, it is good to undertake an asbestos clearance inspection at the end of the asbestos removal process. The assessment is conducted to ensure that the area is visibly free of asbestos-containing material (ACM), dust or debris that could pose a health concern.  The clearance inspection also includes areas other than the asbestos removal area such as decontamination areas, transit routes to the skip bin and surrounding the waste storage areas.

The asbestos clearance inspection should be conducted by a competent person who is independent of the asbestos removal contractor. While the competent person undertaking the asbestos inspection may not be required to be licensed for a bonded asbestos clearance, we recommend that you engage a SafeWork NSW licensed asbestos assessor. Call us today.

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