Remediation Management & Validation

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When an unacceptable contamination risk is present on your site, a remedial action plan (RAP) is required. This RAP is used as a framework to ensure the remedial process is using the most cost-effective process that meets all regulatory requirements. We really are here to help you save you time and money.
Where removal of contamination is not practical, you may also need to adopt a long-term management strategy and the development of an environmental management plan (EMP) to address any residual contamination risks into the future. We will prepare an EMP that identifies simple and efficient strategies to manage the residual contamination during the long term operation of the site.

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Validation is an important part of the site investigation and remediation process. The purpose of validation is to confirm whether the predetermined clean-up objectives have been attained and whether any further remediation work or restrictions on land use are required. If your site is contaminated, we can arrange and manage the remediation and validation process to provide certainty with the regulatory approvals and avoid delays with constriction schedules.

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