Testing Solutions

Field & Laboratory Geotechnical Testing Services

From specialty soil and rock mechanics to onsite civil construction and materials conformance, Alliance employs some of the best people in our industry. Time delays prior to or during construction can end up being very expensive, we understand this and provide laboratory testing and on-site consulting and testing services with a view to getting the project started and keeping it moving forward.

Soil & Rock Mechanics
Our specialty laboratory staff are industry leaders in this commercial sector that provide cutting edge geomechanical and geoenvironmental testing services for design, mining, construction and research. Our laboratory uses the latest testing equipment and software to deliver confidence in results. Customised Soil & Rock Mechanics testing for specific project, design or research requirements is our specialty.

Earthworks & Compaction
Compaction testing compliance is vital to any civil project to ensure the construction materials and placement methods undertaken are meeting the design specification requirements. Our highly experienced field and laboratory staff provide a comprehensive range of earthworks related testing and inspections to Australian standards, TfNSW and RMS testing methods.

Materials Conformance
Our Seven Hills laboratory is accredited for a wide range of testing by The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). This provides our clients with the reassurance that the technical competence provided by our laboratory is to the highest standard.

We provide a comprehensive range of conformance testing for concrete, soil, rock, and aggregate to Australian Standards, TfNSW / RMS, ASTM and ISRM test methods and are fully supported by our specialty geomechanical testing section. With over 40 people working throughout our laboratory departments we provide a fast turnaround while maintaining the highest standards and quality in our test results


Soil & Rock Mechanics  –  Earthworks Compaction  –  Materials Conformance

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