Geotechnical Peer Review

Does your project need a peer review? Call us, we can help

We understand how important your development is and we know all about the approval process. Alliance Geotechnical offers an independent geotechnical review to help you through the Council’s DA process with a view to getting the construction approved.

We can provide technical reviews for individuals and developers to give a second opinion on a proposed development (e.g. to support, or respond to a letter of objection). Our review can often better communicate the risk management methods and improve the quality and efficiency of the development.

Need a second opinion?    We know what to look for

Many of our principal and senior engineers are members of the Independent Geotechnical Review Panel for The Hills Shire Council.

We have completed many peer reviews throughout NSW to identify the geotechnical issues and landslide risk management requirements that may include risk assessment calculations and landslide and slope stabilisation options.