Our Workplace Culture



If you thrive in an environment that champions contribution, you can be assured that at Alliance your voice will be heard and your efforts recognised.

If you’re starting out in your career, your potential will be nurtured. If you’re joining with experience, your expertise will be appreciated. With a large and diverse portfolio of projects, Alliance is well-positioned to offer you an exciting career. Opportunity will be yours for the taking.

At Alliance, every contribution is valued and respected. We recognise that diversity and collaboration are the key to innovative solutions to complex challenges. When we work together, we transcend the impossible to make lasting impacts on our clients, our communities, our environment, and ourselves.

Alliance is built on the back of teamwork and collaboration. We have a united purpose – to build a workplace culture that every person is proud of. When you work with us, you’re building a career, and a legacy – both ours and yours. 


We take pride in what we achieve together and the team we have built. Our culture of togetherness is infectious and spurs us on to achieve even greater things together. It breeds curiosity and champions a safe, fun, and inclusive workplace.

Everyone is welcomed as part of Alliance and is given individual attention, not just from your team and your supervisor, but also from our Directors, Tom and Aidan. Yes, you will see Tom and Aidan on job sites and around the office, they can’t help themselves!

We are proud of the culture that we are known for. A culture thats foundations are; valuing our people, ethical decision-making, collaboration, innovation, pride in our work, and a united purpose.

We look forward to welcoming you and everything you have to offer.

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Flexible Salary Arrangements

If you want to make your income work double time, we have salary sacrifice options available to staff.

Women’s Participation

At Alliance we actively champion the support of women’s participation at all levels of our company. This is reflected in all our disciplines.

Development Program

Our development program encompasses coaching sessions, mentoring programs, internal and external training, role-specific technical training and leadership development programs across all levels to ensure each employee has a personalised development plan.

Paid Parental Leave

To support our staff as they start and grow their families, we offer a generous paid parental leave scheme. This is in addition to the government-paid parental leave scheme.

Purchased Leave

Want to take a longer holiday or time off? Why not do so via our purchased leave policy!

Health and Wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing program gives you access to a $100 rebate annually to get active, mind fit, anything wellbeing related!


Yearly Reviews

Your contribution and salary package to be reviewed yearly as part of our remuneration policy.

Celebrating success

Our social events allow us to celebrate our wins! We love our BBQs, stop-work events like the Melbourne Cup and, of course, Christmas parties.


If you work regularly onsite you can expect to be offered a permanent vehicle. In fact, we have spare pool vehicles if you ever need one.

The People

At Alliance, it’s all about the people and they’re our most valuable asset. Work with people who are passionate about their work, and a company that is passionate about its people. 


At Alliance we pride ourselves on providing growth opportunities and technical support at all levels and disciplines.

Visa Support

Alliance is an accredited visa sponsor. This allows us to sponsor and bring onboard professional overseas employees that would like to join our team. We do our best to assist each visa holder throughout the process.

What drives our great results

Our people. They’re the roots and engine of our company. Our employees have a lot to offer Alliance, and we’d like to think we have a lot to offer them.