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Geotechnical Specialist Engineering Assessments

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This assessment report provides pragmatic geotechnical advice that focuses primarily on identifying issues associated with excavation and its impact with measures to mitigate or minimise the risk.

Interpreting the ground and determining its effect on critical assets is being recognized as an important aspect to be addressed by many Councils and key infrastructure holders (e.g. Sydney Water, TfNSW, RMS, Rail etc). This is where geotechnical specialist engineering assessments (SEA) come into play.
An SEA is a technical appraisal of the effects excavations have on critical infrastructure that may surround a site (including but not limited to pipelines, sewer/ water mains, heritage buildings etc). The SEA identifies these assets on the basis of infrastructure protection reports and models them relative to the proposed excavation. The modelling is undertaken using finite element methods to determine the magnitude of deflection, joint pull-out, settlement, angular movements etc.

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