Asbestos Air Monitoring

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Asbestos air monitoring conducted by one of our accredited Licensed Asbestos Assessor’s. The monitoring is undertaken both during asbestos removal (to demonstrate the effectiveness of the removal methodology) and after to prove that the removal process was successful and the surrounding area is free from asbestos. We have the experience and accreditation’s to help manage and simplify the asbestos removal process. We can even manage the entire remediation process for you.

Monitoring Methods

Exposure Monitoring
This process involves taking samples in the workers breathing zone so to assess the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres. The data gathered from this type of monitoring is used to assess the risk to the worker.

Control Monitoring
This method is used to assess the effectiveness of control measures while asbestos removal is being undertaken. Air monitors are placed at fixed locations to test the air for airborne asbestos fibres with reports issued to the client before work commences the next day.

Background Monitoring
This process involves conducting tests for airborne asbestos fibres prior to the commencement of any work which may disturb materials containing asbestos.

Clearance Monitoring
These tests are carried out after the completion of asbestos removals. An area is only deemed safe if the level of airborne fibres present measured is below 0.01 fibres/mL.

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