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Land contamination is most often the result of past uses. It can arise from activities that took place on or adjacent to a site and be the result of improper chemical handling or disposal practices, or accidental spillages or leakages of chemicals during manufacturing or storage. Activities not directly related to the site may also cause contamination; for example, from diffuse sources such as polluted groundwater migrating under a site or dust settling out from industrial emissions.

A Stage 2 – Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) is only necessary when a preliminary investigation indicates that the land is contaminated or that it is, or was, formally used for a potentially contaminating activity and a land use change is proposed that has the potential to increase the risk of exposure to contamination. A Stage 2 – Detailed Site Investigation is also required as part of any remediation proposal. The objectives are to define the nature, extent and degree of contamination, to assess potential risk posed by contaminants to health and the environment, and to obtain sufficient information to develop a remedial action plan (RAP), if required to enable your development to proceed or to obtain a construction certificate.

Identification – Management or Removal – Validation

We can manage the remediation and site validation process. This will provide certainty with your regulatory approvals and avoid delays with construction schedules. We really are here to help.