Acid Sulfate Soil Management

Our environmental team provide expert advice on the potential risk associated with acid sulfate soils risk on your site. From preliminary advice and review risk area maps through to implementation of sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater, we really are here to help. If acid sulfate soils are present on your site, our specialists will prepare an acid sulfate management plan, detailing the procedures to follow during excavation, treatment and disposal.

Preliminary advice is just a phone call away

Determining whether there is an acid sulfate soils risk on your site is relatively simple, but should only be undertaken specialists. The presence of acid sulfate soils may impact sub-surface assets such as foundations, footings and services if not designed adequately.

What are Acid Sulfate Soils?

Acid sulfate soils is the common name given to naturally occurring soil and sediment containing iron sulfides. When these natural occurring sulfides are disturbed and exposed to air, oxidation occurs and sulfuric acid is ultimately produced.