Do you need a Geotechnical Engineer for a technical presentation?


AG’s Principal and Senior Geotechnical Engineers are involved in the voluntary activities of Engineers Australia, the Australian Geomechanics Society and CIRCEA (College of Investigative, Remedial and Consulting Engineers of Australia). We regularly prepare and deliver technical presentations for the Sydney engineering, investigation and construction industry and remain up to date with the current standards and technology.

We also offer technical presentations to smaller audiences for specific engineering topics on request, such as land stability hazards for local Councils, earthworks construction and design advice for developers.


Call us to discuss how we can enhance the skills in your team

Call us to speak with one of our experienced consultants about having our engineers develop and deliver a technical presentation to your team. We work with your project manager to prepare a targeted PowerPoint presentation, with relevant technical content and case study photos of recent construction projects.

Our engineers have previously delivered technical presentations on the assessment of geological hazards, land zoning, rehabilitation of former quarry sites, vibration assessments, dilapidation reports, methods of damage assessment and the application of Australian Standards AS 3798 earthworks, AS 2870 site classification, residential slabs, and footings, AS 1726 geotechnical investigations.