Does your design engineer need advice to repair the structure?


As described on AG’s related service page Damaged Structure Geotechnical Assessments, it is preferable to determine the likely cause/s of the damage and obtain preliminary advice on remedial works, before an engineering design is prepared or works commenced.

AG can prepare sketch concept designs to illustrate the geotechnical profile and site conditions, with proposed remedial works concepts for the repair of the damaged structures and/or ground stabilisation works.

We have established working relationships with forensic engineers, specialist investigators, surveyors, civil and structural design engineers, and experienced contractors. See AG’s related service page on Legal & Insurance Investigations.


How do I find the right team for remedial works design?

We can identify and brief suitably experienced engineers, builders, etc. and provide concept designs and preliminary reports, so that a team approach can be taken in remedial works design and construction.

AG can organise and undertake the various services to give design input to the engineers and contractors. We have the ability to work in conjunction with specialist contractors and experienced engineers to give design recommendations for slope and remedial works management.

See our related services pages on Geotechnical Site Investigations, Inclinometers, Groundwater Monitoring, and Vibration Assessment.