Need a geotechnical engineer to help through the DA process?

AG commonly prepare geotechnical reports and risk assessments within the Northern Beaches Council area, to comply with each of the former Councils’ policy requirements.

The former Warringah Council geotechnical stability risk assessment policy is based on a checklist approach and land zoning. This is typically a more simple inspection and reporting exercise than is required under the former Pittwater Council policy.

If a detailed risk assessment and geotechnical report are both required, it is will need to be prepared in accordance with AGS 2007.


What are the Council’s Forms for? AG are familiar and can help

In the former Pittwater Council area, the applicant needs to submit Form 1 and if applicable Form 1(a) with the geotechnical report, signed by a CPEng qualified geotechnical engineer (Engineers Australia Chartered status).

The former Pittwater Council requires ‘Form 2’ to confirm the structural engineer and geotechnical engineer are in agreement with the design drawings. Council may also require ‘Form 3’ to confirm the geotechnical engineer construction inspection and certification.

However, in the former Warringah Council area, AG has found a brief site inspection, review of the policy checklist and basic geotechnical recommendations may be sufficient for Council submission at the initial Development Application stage.