Council wants low risk?   No problem, let us manage it

AG’s landslide stability assessments are based on applying the current “Practice Note guidelines for Landslide Risk Management” prepared by the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS 2007).

The AGS 2007 risk assessment method is based on probability analysis, using the inferred subsurface model identified by the Geotechnical Site Investigation. We assess the likelihood and consequences of each hazard and calculate the levels of ‘risk to property’ and ‘risk to life’.

We use the risk acceptance criteria in AGS 2007 to determine the ‘acceptable’, ‘tolerable’ or ‘unacceptable’ risks to property and life relating to the proposed development.

The risk assessment calculations may be required for submission to the Council or other regulators and asset owners.


How do I calculate the risk? We will take care of this for you

AG are experts in geotechnical risk analysis and can prepare computer models, probability calculations and reports with geotechnical risk management recommendations for the development, including excavations and other construction stages.

We have been involved in many risk assessment projects over the years and from practical experience, we have identified different risk management options. We give you options to manage the risk so you can make an informed decision for your project.

In many cases, effective risk management can be achieved without incurring significant costs.