Senior Laboratory Personnel

Paul Haslam

Laboratory Technical Manager

Paul has 35+ years of experience in construction materials testing including over 35 years in management of NATA Accredited Construction Materials Testing Laboratories. Paul has extensive experience in construction materials…

Rumeshwar Chetty

Laboratory Manager

Rumesh has over 12 of construction materials testing and is highly experience in both RMS and Australian Standard testing for concrete, soils and aggregates. Rumesh has worked on many major RMS…

Brett Bellingham

Projects Coordinator

Brett has 14 years of construction materials testing and experience managing and coordinating testing on many of our Sydney Water and major infrastructure projects.

Matthew Redfern

Infrastructure Specialist

Matthew has over 10 years of construction materials testing experience and excels on complex infrastructure where on site advice to clients in regard to specification conformance is essential. Matthew is highly…

Mark McGill

Laboratory Coordinator

Mark has over 30 years of experience in the testing of construction materials for civil construction projects and has managed site laboratories in the mining and infrastructure sectors throughout Australia…