Soil Classification for Re-use and Disposal

Our environmental team will provide you with advice on potential options available for the soils, whether that be a re-use assessment against VENM criteria or one of the waste exemptions (e.g. ENM), or an assessment against local waste classification guidance for offsite disposal. Our specialists will then design a scope of work to assess feasibility of preferred options. 

Time is money, we understand and are here to help

We have significant experience investigating soils still in-situ, to help with forward planning of quantities and costs, which can eliminate delays and double handling with transportation of soils. We can also provide classification advice on ex-situ soils quickly, when you just need to get the material offsite. The investigation of soils for beneficial re-use onsite or offsite disposal is heavily regulated. By having those materials independently assessed, you can demonstrate to transporters, receiving sites and landfills that the classification is true and accurate. 

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