Geotechnical Assessments & Site Inspections

A site inspection or Geotechnical assessment is a site visit that does not include sub surface exploration testing or sampling. Site inspections are normally undertaken by an experienced geotechnical engineer or engineering geologist, and may include a walkover inspection of the site, documentation of the pertinent site features by way of notes, photographs, sketched site mapping and measured cross sections. These inspections / assessments may be undertaken at a preliminary project stage to identify a targeted scope of work for a detailed geotechnical investigation if required. A brief summary report is then provided after the inspection.

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Based at Seven Hills in Western Sydney we provide consulting services to Sydney CBD, Greater Western Sydney and all over NSW. Alliance Geotechnical provide high quality cost effective geotechnical solutions with a focus on keeping the project moving forward. Our reports are logical, concise and easy to understand so you don’t have to worry about jargon or data that is difficult to interpret. Instead, you get straight to the point, understandable results, conclusions and professional advice.

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