Geotechnical solutions to keep your project moving forward

Alliance Geotechnical offer a broad range of onsite geotechnical and geological consulting and investigation services to a wide range of clients. We give you the right information to make the right decisions.

Need something done urgently? Give us a call. Time delays during planning and construction can end up being very expensive. We understand this and are here to help. We provide geotechnical engineering support during the full project life cycle from conception and design to supervision and advice during construction.

Geotechnical Investigations
Residential Lot Classifications
Bearing Capacity Assessments
Excavation Stability Assessments
Geotechnical Assessments / Inspections
Footing & Foundation Assessments
10/50 Vegetation Clearance Code

Plate Load Testing
Mobile Crane Bearing Capacity
Pavement Investigation & Design
Inclinometer Installation& Analysis
Pier / Pile Monitoring & Inspections
Piezometer Installation & Monitoring
Piling Rig Platform Design & Inspections

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