Earthworks Compaction Testing 

Compaction testing is achieved by establishing the in-situ density of the soil and comparing it to the maximum density as determined by a laboratory test. Conformance testing is vital to any earthworks project to ensure the construction materials and placement methods undertaken are meeting site specifications requirements.

Level 1 - Inspection & Testing
The primary objective of Level 1 Inspection and Testing is for the geotechnical inspection and testing authority (GITA) to be able to express an opinion on the compliance of the work. The GITA is responsible for ensuring that the inspection and testing is sufficient for this purpose. Full time supervision is required onsite during earthwork operations.

Level 2 - Sampling & Testing
A geotechnical testing authority (GTA) will be appointed to carry out sampling and testing as required or specified. The GTA is responsible for selecting the location of sampling and testing operations within each visit made to the site. Full time supervision is not required during earthwork operations.

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